Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays with snowy christmas tree bough and red ornaments

Wishing you and yours all the best for this

holiday season and the new year.

28th Nov 2022
Smoother Payment Method Management

Monterey Bay Design has updated our pay method management to be more streamlined and functional.

You will now find it easier to add or update your payment method at your convenience. 

Check it out by visiting Billing >> Payment Methods. 

20th Oct 2021
Thank you!

To all the well-wishers when my family and I were evacuated twice due to two of the terrible recent California fires:

Both during and after, you were patient and understanding, sympathetic and supportive - and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Most sincerely,


27th Aug 2020
A message from Debbie @ Monterey Bay Design

The Coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has spun our world sideways for sure, but I wanted to assure everyone, particularly those of you with websites and/or other online products that Monterey Bay Design and all associated systems and services are up and running - and so am I. Even if we don't see each other in person for a while, I'll still be ... Read More »

19th Jul 2020
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