How to Whitelist an Email Address

Finding important emails in your SPAM or JUNK folder - or worse, never finding them at all - is distressing for both you and those sending you emails.┬áBy whitelisting specific email addresses, you can be sure you will always get emails from those who are listed. An email whitelist is an approved list of safe senders. You can find instructions ... Read More »

20th Aug 2023
Now accepting ACH/Direct Bank Debit payments

Monterey Bay Design is finally offering ACH/Direct Debit as a payment method. In partnership with Stripe and Plaid, this method can only be added when an unpaid invoice exists. To connect to your bank, simply switch the payment method on your unpaid online invoice to ACH/Direct Debit and click Pay Now. Follow the onscreen prompts to choose and ... Read More »

10th Aug 2023