What do I have to do to transfer my domain to you?

You may transfer your domain from your current domain service provider to us at any time. Transferring adds another year onto your registration and if we are also hosting your account, you now have simplified access to all aspects of your website.  

A domain transfer order can be placed from our domain transfer page; however, you should be aware that a domain transfer requires your attention and interaction throughout the process. Should you wish to transfer your domain from another registrar to us, please access your current domain service provider prior to beginning the transfer and:
  1. Ensure that the email address on your domain's administrative contact is one you have access to. All emails regarding the transfer will be directed to this address.
    • If you have to change this address to ensure access, you must then wait up to 48 hours for the change to take affect.
  2. Temporarily disable the registrar lock on your domain.
  3. Request the EPP authorization code.
  4. Visit our domain transfer page and place a transfer order.
  5. You will receive emails that require your timely attention and interaction.
  6. Upon completion of transfer, registrar lock will automatically be enabled and the default state of auto-renew will be entered.
The transfer process takes approximately 5 days from the time the transfer order is approved.
Once a domain is first registered, a registrar will normally put a hold on any transfers for 60 days. Once this period has passed, a transfer can be initiated.
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