How do I start a website?

  1. When considering a new website - either a brand new presence on the web or a redesign of an old site - the first thing you do is decide on what direction you want to go in presenting your company - a basic concept. A large portion of this direction is certainly determined by your business profile, the message you wish to convey, and the demographics of your clientele. Do you have a color scheme in mind? Are there any colors you don't like? What sites have you seen that make you say, "I want that on my site!"? We'll have a questionnaire you can fill out to help you answer some of these important questions. The more detail you can give us, the better equipped we will be to offer you a fairly detailed estimate, thoughts and suggestions, and a time frame to completion.
  2. You then gather (or create new) information that is representative of your company. This includes relevant text such as mission statements, copy about who you are and what you do that is suitable for an "About" page or your Home page/landing page, brochures, catalogues, staff biographies, pictures. As much as possible should be in an electronic format. i.e. If images are not digital, they should be scanned, all text should be emailed or in a format such as doc, txt, pdf, etc. If you have a specific menu structure in mind, this should be included.
  3. When you write your text, you should consider keywords: what words or phrases will people "Google" when they are searching for what you have? And what words are particularly relevant to the page you are writing for?
  4. Once Monterey Bay Design receives the data you've collected, design and construction of your site will begin immediately. (Though it is preferable to have all information in hand first, site construction can begin with even a limited amount of compiled data.)
  5. You will be presented with samples of the basic design, menu structure and color scheme for approval. This will be uploaded to a password-protected directory for your convenience. You may ask for changes and make suggestions. This will be a process that will continue until you are satisfied.
  6. When the site is completed, it will be uploaded and tested on your hosting servers. If you have not yet acquired a host or a domain name, we will set up an account for you on our servers or the hosting company of your choice. You will then have opportunities to review your new site for any additional changes you'd like to make.
  7. As soon as you have approved the site and we have received payment, your site will go live.
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